An exceptional place

Founded in 1967 by the NATALE family, now run by both sons Michel and Thierry, La PINÈDE offers great history on the transmission of knowledge and values.

Authenticity is the keyword in our family business.

Authenticity represents our roots and sap.

Authenticity is our identity and our permanent source of inspiration.

It’s suffice to say that fashion trends are insignificant, given the “true life” of LA PINÈDE.

Prone to changes, we are modernising our infrastructure and we are embarking on the future with a strong team, professional practices and outstanding human beings.

Today, we have earned our 4 stars thanks to our technological investments and high-quality human resources.

The values of authenticity through excellence, friendliness and our personalised approach to customers are guided by our up-scale, ethical choices and a sense of personalised service.

  • Respect the environment: in the process of receiving a Green Key eco-label
  • Suggest art and culture
  • Optimise reception quality
  • Build personalised relationships with customers
  • PMR adjusted infrastructures
  • Develop a service culture
  • Enhance an exceptional terroir
  • Restaurant with terroir flavours “ Le Terracota
  • Products from organic farming
  • Meet well-being and health expectations
  • React against stress “ Au Plaisir des Sens

Bonus: Balanced and lean menus offered by “ Le Terracota

LA PINÈDE, Enter the New World